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Welcome to this small corner of Stubborn Stag where you will find Sgian Dubhs/Brews unlike anything you have ever seen or expect to see. To many this could be considered blasphemy but it seems there is a growing number of proud geek's looking for something different. The items so far have been inspired by feedback on our facebook page and with your help and input hopefully it will grow. Please spread the word.

Geek Dubhs - Due to popular demand, and possibly for a limited time. Here you will find alternative/geek Dubhs . Seen something you like? Have an idea for something?..... ask the question and I'll do what I can. These Dubhs are normally made to order.  If there's a buy now button its available....... but for how long?

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Previous Geek Dubhs & Commissions

Please note the prices listed are the sale price when sold. Geek Dubhs now start at £65  The images are only for reference.

Spiderman Dubh
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Sgian Dubh

Autobot - Transformer themed sgian dubh
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Man of Steel dubh
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Sgian Dubh

Star Trek Dubh


Sgian Brew with walnut cap
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Sgian Dubh

Thundercats geek dubh


Galactic Empire dubh


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Hand made Sgian Dubh

If in doubt please check local knife laws before buying. Although Sgain Dubhs are Scottish national dress items ALL Stubborn Stag Sgian Dubh sales are strictly to over 18's only.
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